30 May 2023

How to Find the Right Course in New Zealand Based on Your Skills | Study With New Zealand

Jo Miller

Are you considering studying in New Zealand, but not sure where to start? There are a number of tools and websites to help you find the right course, education provider or career that will set you on the path to a better future. It might be easier than you think.

Sign up for a Study with New Zealand account

Not sure what to study and need recommendations? With a Study with New Zealand account, you can easily find the study option to suit you.

Sign up on the Study with New Zealand website – you’ll find it under the sign-in on the top right corner on the home page. Once you’ve created your account, simply enter three or four things you’re looking for such as subject and study level. You’ll then be presented with a list of recommended courses and providers to review.

Looking for a school? You can select the region and school type in your profile and you’ll be presented with a matched list of schools. If you’re not ready to study in New Zealand, flexible study options such as global pathways and online courses can help you decide how you study.

Once you have your list of personalised study recommendations, you can send and keep track of enquiries, save your favourites, or change your profile information to find your perfect match. Creating your account is easy and completely free.

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Explore job ideas

You can explore jobs in New Zealand to find what matches the skills you either already have or are interested in learning more about.

Skill Matcher is a great tool to help you on your career path. You can discover which industries your skills match with or explore jobs you’re interested in. You can then learn more about the pay, entry requirements, and full range of skills required.

You can also gain the skills New Zealand needs. If you complete a qualification in an area that is considered skilled or is in demand in New Zealand, gaining a work or residence visa in the future may be easier. Check out the Green List at Immigration New Zealand for more information.

PhD students in New Zealand working in a soundproof lab

For example, Clinical Psychologist appears on the Green List, so Brazilian PhD psychology student Renan believes it will be possible for him to stay in New Zealand where he will have more opportunities to work in his field.

John Dorado also shares some top tips for identifying the qualities and skills that can help you convince future employers you’re the right person for the job.

says engineering student Divya Kataria.

Discover ikigai

Looking for something different? Malaysian student Arina Aizal shares how with your ikigai, you can choose the right university course that fits your passion, profession, mission and vocation.

, she says.

So what will you choose to study?

If you haven’t decided what to study yet, using these tools and websites will help you narrow down your choices to find your perfect study match.

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Jo Miller

Jo Miller is a contract writer for Education New Zealand. She is originally from Scotland but now lives in Wellington with her family. Jo is currently studying psychology online with the University of Auckland.