2 September 2018

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What makes a great teacher? International master's students talk about the teachers who inspire them most and why.

Richard Lobb, Adjunct Senior Fellow, Department of Computer Science, University of Canterbury

Richard Lobb, who taught us ‘Computer Programming through Python’. He is a man with many qualities: the most impressive characteristic about Richard as a teacher is his passion for the course that he teaches. He is the master of his craft, at the zenith of excellence and knowledge, passionate and pragmatic about the imparting knowledge. All that, combined with a great sense of humour, high energy and approachability, makes him one of the most inspiring teacher I have met so far.

Jotinder Sudan, India, Masters in Applied Data Science at University of Canterbury, Christchurch

Dr Parma Nand, Senior Lecturer & Head of Teaching and Learning, AUT

To be honest, the teacher who has inspired me the most is Dr Parma Nand, Senior Lecturer and Head of Teaching and Learning. He teaches Text Mining - Natural Language Processing and gives us students the complete freedom to use any technological approaches irrespectively unless the goal is not met. Also, myself and my flatmate, Brice Valentin Shun, are working on a personal project under Dr. Parma and plan to publish a research paper in the near future.

Sagar Sanghvi, India, Master of Analytics at Auckland University of Technology (AUT), Auckland

Dr. Daniel van der Walt, Lecturer, Construction Management, University of Canterbury

My most inspiring teacher in New Zealand is Dr. Daniel van der Walt. He is my course coordinator for my Construction Management course. I love his approach to all the difficulties and issues that we face during our research projects. He inspires me to gain knowledge and look at every problem as a key to success. His analytical skills and ability to think out of the box are the capabilities a young researcher desires in his mentor.

Yash Batra, India, Master of Engineering Studies in Construction Management at University of Canterbury, Christchurch

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