31 July 2018

Studying at Ara Institute of Canterbury | Study With New Zealand

Student at Ara Institute in Christchurch

If you are considering studying overseas and experiencing a different culture, Christchurch, New Zealand is definitely the best choice.

Life at Ara Institute of Canterbury 

I have been on a wonderful journey at Ara Institute of Canterbury, meeting new friends and taking part in many different activities. In my opinion, Ara Institute of Canterbury has so many different events to relax and enjoy after studying.

Study at Ara Institute of Canterbury

Combining theoretical knowledge and practical experience together is a highlight of my experience of Ara Institute of Canterbury. International students have many opportunities to get involved in real workplaces and industries to gain valuable experience. Students can get 400 hours on an internship to help improve their ability and apply their theoretical knowledge in the workplace. Furthermore, Ara provides part-time jobs for students, allowing them to get paid and gain experience.

As for me, I am studying event management and am working in the Ara student events team. I have been involved in many different events as a part of my courses, such as the Holi Festival and Armageddon.

Students in Auckland having a picnic

Ara Services

Ara has good services and facilities which help to ensure students have a good experience while they study. A quick video about the learning service: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvfDKtSkTN8

A quick video about student accommodation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0xcrV_ZwRc

Ara also has a student career hub, sports centre and computing labs to help students. More importantly, there are international advisors available to give international students support and advice.

My table tennis journey in New Zealand

DO NOT ONLY FOCUS ON STUDY! There are so many things to do alongside your study in New Zealand.

Table tennis always makes m

e feel relaxed if I am under too much pressure. I decided to join a table tennis club to enrich my daily life after I came to Christchurch. I was fortunate to gain many opportunities to represent my team and play in different table tennis championships. This is the best part of my life in New Zealand. 

Volunteering at Victoria Park

Studying in Christchurch is a journey, a lifestyle and an adventure. I am passionate and happy with my life in Christchurch, New Zealand. I believe that if you choose to study aboard you will gain valuable experience and have a wonderful journey! 

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Student at Ara Institute in Christchurch