31 August 2018

Life Can Not Be Better Learning English in Wellington | Study With New Zealand

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Frank, an English Language student from China, shares what he loves about studying in Wellington.

Hi everyone, I’m Frank and I come from China. I’ve now been studying at the Campbell Institute English Language School for more than three months. New Zealand has fresh air, clean water, great food and is multicultural. But, for me, the most exciting thing about this country is that there is lots of amazing scenery. These are the reasons that made me choose to study in New Zealand!

Wellington student experience

There are some things that are totally different between studying in New Zealand from when I was studying China. Firstly, I stay in a 24-hour English environment where I have to speak English all the time, which the teachers at Campbell ask us to do. Secondly, Campbell is an international school where lots of students who come from everywhere in the world come to study English. It’s a good opportunity to learn about different cultures and make some new friends. Studying at Campbell is a precious experience, it helps us to improve our level of English and it opens our minds.

Wellington Farmer's Market

I love cooking and I want to be a great chef in the future. Once I have finished my course at Campbell, I will go to the Le Cordon Blue New Zealand (LCB), a culinary and hospitality school. I just need to pass the LCB test first to get in.

I have to say, Wellington feels likes my second home and everyone at Campbell is like my family. I like my life in Wellington, this city is the most peaceful city that I have ever visited before and the coffee here is absolutely fantastic! If you come to Wellington, I strongly recommend that you try Wellington’s coffee!

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