16 August 2018

Learning in nature and the city | Study With New Zealand

Linley Boniface

Cousins Diana and Sopanha Kham may come from different parts of the world, but they’ve both found Wellington the perfect place to live and study.

Sopanha came to New Zealand from Cambodia eight years ago, when she was in Year 9, and is now in the third year of a Bachelor of Design at Massey University.

Diana grew up in Hungary and is in the first year of studying for degrees in tourism management and commercial law at Victoria University.

Both cousins have found that learning in New Zealand takes place outside as well as inside the classroom. Sopanha, who is specialising in spatial design, explores Wellington through her sketchpad.

“I have to practice drawing a lot, so I go outside to draw. I love the quietness and greenness of Wellington, but most of all I love the shops and cafes,” she says.

Diana chose New Zealand for her study adventure because it was a safe English-speaking country. Like Sopanha, she especially enjoys Wellington’s cafes, where she goes to study with her friends. 

“I also hang out a lot with Sopanha, who is helping me find my way around. I’m finding studying here a really great experience. Wellington is a calm, quiet place to study, and the people are very helpful,” she says. 

Diana is looking forward to discovering more of the country. “There is so much natural beauty here to explore. I really like New Zealand because wherever you go you’ll always find something new."

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Linley Boniface

Linley Boniface is a contract writer for Education New Zealand. She is based in Wellington, her favourite city in New Zealand. A former journalist, Linley spent a year in Montreal, Canada, as a secondary school student.