23 May 2018

How to Make Your Dream Come True | Study With New Zealand

Ridi Julka
Indian student in New Zealand.

Being able to study and now work in New Zealand has been a dream come true. My experience was so amazing that after completing my studies I decided to join the Education Industry as an Education Consultant – advising students to study in New Zealand.

So how did it all begin?

It has been almost 7 years since I graduated in New Zealand and trust me it has changed my life completely and I am loving it.

Studying overseas always sounded like this incredible thing to do but a few years ago I absolutely had no idea how to accomplish it. As many friends and acquaintances back then were choosing other popular destinations like the United Kingdom, USA and Canada – New Zealand always sounded like my kind of place – welcoming, affordable, a peaceful and safe place to live, beautiful scenery and, best of all, adventure (you can experience just about anything you’ve ever dreamed of doing).

Initially I felt clueless looking at the procedures, documentation and statistics but I decided to pluck up the courage to make it happen. Within three months, I rushed to submit my application, sat an Academic IELTS exam and subsequently started collecting documents for my visa. A strong belief and confidence kept me going during this intense and quick process.

Looking back now, planning, connecting and confidence were the things that really made the difference for me.

Ridi Julka from India during her graduation at Massey University

Plan your finances well

Moving abroad to study can be a challenge and definitely requires a plan – it doesn’t matter if you are studying for a short or long duration. Also, the cost of living in New Zealand will be different from to what you are used to.

Now, don’t start panicking.

Take some time to analyse the fixed expenses like tuition fees, food, travel and accommodation. As an international student rent, food and transport are the key items in one’s budget. New Zealand allows international students to work up to 20 hours per week and full-time during scheduled holidays. You can’t make a fortune out of it, but it can take some financial burden off you.

Accommodation options in New Zealand are diverse; from staying in a hostel/backpacker (short duration), arranging a homestay (pay extra and include meals) or renting/sharing an apartment. Don’t forget that wherever you live you won’t be far from stunning views, beaches, parks, walking trails and cycle tracks.

For further guidance refer to Cost of living in New Zealand or contact the friendly student support team at your institution for some budgeting advice.


Studying abroad is an important decision so the key to ensuring you make the right choice is OUTREACH. Don’t feel shy - reach out to people, ask questions, use every possible information tool you can to learn more. Research beyond the rankings, evaluate the course well, read blogs, contact alumni, attend NZ Education Expos, contact the university/institutions about their plans of visiting your country, be active on social media. 

Trust me you will be surprised at how many incredible tips and advice you’ll find and receive.

Have Confidence

My top piece of advice: do not overthink.

Feeling unsure and anxious is completely normal, and I went through these emotions as well. Trust yourself and feel positive about your decision. I did change my life and you will change yours too.

For a long time, the thought of studying abroad was the most daunting task but looking back now I feel incredibly privileged for taking the risk and seizing the opportunity. During my one year of study I was able to explore what it was like to live, study and work in NZ – what could possibly be better than that?

Yes, there is uncertainty, cost involved, and things take time, but don’t let it disappoint or block you. At the very stage I stopped panicking and put all my focus on what really mattered. It helped me to accomplish my goal.

Lastly, if you asked me if studying in New Zealand was worth it, I would tell you: YES, it definitely was!

New Zealand is a great place for unique experiences and new beginnings. 

So, take advantage and travel to NZ now!

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Ridi Julka
Indian student in New Zealand.

Ridhi Julka, from India, shares her tips on how to make your dream of studying in New Zealand come true.