12 September 2018

Go (Overseas) For It! | Study With New Zealand

Josh Golden
American student from Montana in the USA.

Josh Golden, from Montana in the USA, shares his study abroad experience.

Yes, filling out yet another form when your “to do” list is long, and you are trying to get everything together to study overseas, means that you do not want more tasks, but…..do it anyway! Trust me, you might be really glad you did.

I was surprised, excited and blown away when I was told by the Go Overseas representatives (in person) that I had won a full scholarship plus airfare to study at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand for my Spring 2018 semester. It was one of the truly greatest days in my life, ever. My parents, friends and professors waited by the elevator to run out to surprise me. I will never forget it.

Winning that scholarship and studying in New Zealand has changed my life and outlook. I know that it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I am so very, very appreciative of the opportunities and experiences I enjoyed while I was there.

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Each day was a new adventure. I made great friends from all over the planet, traveled the New Zealand landscape – camped, hiked, skied, kayaked, swam, drove on the left side – I tried to do it all, in addition to studying, of course! And the outcome has been great, too. Exchanging adventures with other students is fascinating and rewarding as you’ll make lifelong bonds just like I did.

Discovering Māori culture in New Zealand

So here is my advice: never say never, apply for the scholarship and use your passions to talk about what you love and what you want. I am passionate about aviation, travel and photography. My desire to see New Zealand and study there was very genuine. I guess that desire came through clearly in my scholarship application story and the picture I submitted.  And a bit more advice: be creative with your picture. Have fun with it, be sincere. Let it show your passions and the real you.

My future, wherever it leads, has been infinitely brightened by my New Zealand experience. I can’t thank the Go Overseas organization enough for helping to make that happen. Don’t let your opportunity to study abroad pass you by. Just Go (Overseas) and live it!

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Josh Golden
American student from Montana in the USA.