1 December 2016

3 Things I Learnt as a High School Student in New Zealand | Study With New Zealand

Percy Zhang
Chinese High School Student

I came to Bayfield High School in April 2014 and started in Year 12. It was really difficult for me in the beginning as I had to work much harder than the Kiwis. But once I immersed myself in the local culture I had a really great experience.

I’d like to share some things I learnt while studying in New Zealand as an international high school student.

1. My Kiwi classmates were always friendly and I really enjoyed them

I was extremely bad at English before I came here. I was scared of not understanding what teachers said in the class. Fortunately, people, who sat around me, helped me to understand any important points of study and helped me learn new stuff. They guided me when I found it difficult – I appreciated it. With their help, I became more self-confident.

2. I made a brilliant decision

Studying in China, I found the work boring and felt that my dreams would not come true. I congratulate myself that I left China and came to New Zealand. The new and different education system gives me more impetus to study and enjoy my life. My parents are so glad that I’m happier than before.

3. I love getting along with my host family

My host mum is a wonderful woman. We always talk about what we have done during the day in the evenings. She’s taught me how to cook and how to speak English well. She made me feel at home so that I didn’t get homesick. Her Kiwi style has affected me so much that my teachers have told me that I am like a Kiwi.

I've loved my high school experience in New Zealand – I've learnt new stuff all the time. I’m proud that I study in New Zealand and I’m looking forward to my university life here. All the experiences I’ve had have been amazing and the reason why I love studying in New Zealand.

Snowboarding in New Zealand
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Percy Zhang
Chinese High School Student

Percy Zhang, from China, has recently completed his final year of study at Bayfield High School in Dunedin. Percy is going to the University of Otago this year to study for a Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences. Whilst in New Zealand Percy has won many awards at school and has also learnt to snowboard and ride a horse. “I enjoy every moment living in New Zealand.”