9 April 2020

Sustainable Lockdown Shopping Tips | Study With New Zealand

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Here are some ideas to help keep your food purchases as sustainable as possible during lockdown.

  1. Purchase fruit and veg in your own bags or loose but make sure to wash them when you get home and to pop the bags in the wash. 
  2. Turn fresh fruit and vegetables into frozen by cooking in a pot of boiling water until slightly soft, then run under cold water before freezing in old plastic bags. This saves buying frozen veggies in plastic bags and is a good use of fresh produce.  
  3. Buy what you can in cans, which can be washed well on purchase. Then wash again after using and put them in your recycling bin. 
  4. Choose glass, paper or aluminium options over plastic. These can be packed nicely into your recycling bin for when lockdown is over.   
  5. Stack your recycling bin very cleverly so you are able to get all your recyclables in.  

The following Dunedin* shops do deliveries: 

  • Veggie Boys: do veggie deliveries  
  • Refill nation: Not Dunedin based but has no plastic packaging  
  • Taste Nature: they do cool produce boxes which can be delivered check them out here: Fresh produce home delivered
  • A whole heap of different shops are here which are doing delivery during lockdown: Dunedin Online - open during lockdown

Before you go to the shop try to use all your food to reduce food waste and have some whacky meals. Go check out this blog for some awesome ideas for leftovers: Creative ways to use leftovers.

This story was originally published on the OUSA website and is republished with permission by The Otago University Students' Association (OUSA) Executive.

*there will be similar options in other cities

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