10 December 2018

New Zealand Food and Local Produce | Study With New Zealand

Alex DeQueiroz
US Study Abroad student

New Zealand’s produce reflects on its 100% pure motto.

Apart from the amazing scenery, the food here is to die for. Fresh veggies or dairy never tasted so fresh, and meat has never tasted so tender. When you can see your food being grown from your backyard you can take comfort that you know where it came from. Yet it has to be something in the soil that makes the food here taste so good.

My mom and I have a veggie garden back home (that we’re rather proud of) yet our veggies never had as much flavor as the veggies I could buy at a New World. Even the eggs have a richer taste and a noticeably darker yellow yolk. This is an attribute of how the animals are raised. Most are grass-feed and open to wander around the paddock, providing a relatively nicer life than the animals brought up in America, jam packed into small spaces and force-fed growth hormones.

It surprised me how affordable organic and fair trade foods are as well. Back home you pay a significantly higher price for organic or fair trade foods, while here, sustainably grown foods could be bought on a college student’s budget.

While I don’t eat out too often, when I do the food is absolutely amazing. It is always full of flavor and the meat is always tender and juicy. It seems like we are eating at a gourmet restaurant when we’re getting takeaway pizza from the shop down the road.

It’s the small things I’ll miss the most when I leave New Zealand. Like pouring fresh milk into my tea in the morning, to feeling the sun’s heat on my face in the middle of winter, to cooking a meal completely out of fresh produce.

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Alex DeQueiroz
US Study Abroad student

Alex is from Albright College in the USA and is currently studying abroad at Lincoln University, New Zealand. She is an Environmental Science major with an intense passion for nature and knowledge. “I hope my experience and the natural beauty and culture of this country will inspire others to travel and create their own memories.”