17 April 2020

7 Inspiring Things Students are Doing During Lockdown | Study With New Zealand

Philippa Brown
Digital Content Manager

Life in lockdown can be a struggle. It’s important to balance your studies with other activities to keep yourself motivated and look after your mental health. Check out some of the things students around New Zealand are doing during lockdown!

1. Volunteering with the Student Volunteer Army

The Student Volunteer Army is supporting essential services through volunteering. They are providing childcare for the children of healthcare professionals, and they’ve built a grocery store system for those aged over seventy (plus the families of healthcare workers).

2. Recording an album

A group of young musicians from Queenstown's Wakatipu High School are using their newfound freedom during lockdown to record an album: Bandemic.

3. Working out, cooking, and meditating

The Otago University Students’ Association (OUSA) set up a page with links to loads of recreation options including backyard exercise, recipes, games and lots of other whacky ideas.

4. Jigsaws, tennis and pizza!

A group of students in lockdown life in university halls enjoy frozen meals, bubble tennis and jigsaw puzzles. Read more about their life in the nearly empty residential hall!

5. Celebrating special occasions

Students in Wellington's Massey University hall of residents celebrated a staff member's birthday by dancing along to YMCA by The Village People.

Don’t let a lockdown spoil your fun - read the story

6. Baking up a storm

The Tasty Twins, aka Emily and Sophie Martin from the University of Otago, share what they are up to each day during lockdown including some great baking recipes.

Check out their Instagram account: Tasty.twinsss

7. Growing vegetables

Leo, a German student who is studying at Whangārei Boys' High School in Northland, has been spending time in his "lockdown garden," weeding his lettuces.

More information

For official COVID-19 information for international students in New Zealand, see COVID-19: what you need to know. Check out some more stories from international students in lockdown in New Zealand and get their tips for staying connected and well.

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