30 April 2017

3 Things We Learnt About New Zealand | Study With New Zealand

Anwesha Samanta

Indian student Anwesha Samanta spent three weeks on an animation internship in New Zealand where she studied at Massey University, Wellington Institute of Technology and Media Design School. In this blog, she shares what she learnt about New Zealand.

Before leaving for New Zealand, I watched the extraordinary scenic beauty of this country on the internet which seemed surreal. It was still unimaginable that places like these coexist in the same world.

Evergreen New Zealand

From the moment I arrived, I was mesmerised by evergreen New Zealand. It was so thrilling and literally hard to believe. Along with skyscrapers, I saw small houses in the countryside too. Not many people can retain the beauty of their country but this country has developed without causing any harm to nature.

The most beautiful place that I visited was Matiu/Somes Island in Wellington harbour. The sensational view of the green land with colourful flowers and tiny chirping birds surrounded by deep blue sea covered by blue sky with light, soft clouds made us speechless. I was stunned by the view of grazing sheep on top of the island. It seemed like no one has ever visited this place before, untouched and dreamlike.

Safe New Zealand

I learnt about NZ nature and lifestyle. Kiwis made me feel as safe as how I was back home. People around us were humble and warm-hearted. There were bus drivers, shop keepers, even passers-by who were always happy to help and extremely hospitable. They were as amicable as friends and as caring as our own families.

Cultural New Zealand

I learnt about their rich culture, discipline and the habit of following rules. Unlike other countries, they don’t need any supervision to follow rules. “Cuba-Dupa” is a vibrant street festival that happens once a year and we were fortunate enough to witness it. I saw how people organise a festival with a variety of multi-cuisine restaurants, a range of stalls for everything; keeping the regulations intact. There was music, magic, comedy shows, face painting, and what not! It was an extraordinary and an unforgettable experience for me. Despite a large number of people coming, they kept it really clean. I could remember the saying – Cleanliness is next to Godliness. I understand why this country seems so pure, happy and lively.

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