2 May 2019

Don’t panic! Share your fears and keep moving | Study With New Zealand

Brazilian PhD Student

One of the biggest struggles of every student is facing the huge fear of not being entirely sure about their goals and true motivations when it comes to a future profession.

Before getting into college (and sometimes even when you have already started your studies), it is very common to face doubts about what will truly make you happy in your career. I faced these doubts myself, and even started a different course that was not the best option for me after all, which doesn’t mean it was not a good option for other students. Luckily, these things are not written in stone, and I could drop it just in time to start my psychology studies.

So how do we know we are making the best decision for us? Unfortunately, sometimes it takes a while to discover it, but I believe that one of the most important things is not to create delusional expectations about the course that you are choosing. Sometimes, we simply fantasise too much about very specific aspects of the course, and end up forgetting true and solid factors that are actually more fundamental in a decision making process. Because of things like that, it is essential to make a good research about your options, to check the different possibilities and fields of studies that you might find, and more important, to consider what will bring you satisfaction in life. The things you love the most, and how you see yourself are definitively things to be considered.

Something that really helped me to decide what I would like to do was sharing my thoughts and fears with my parents and with some Scholars who worked in my field of interest in Psychology. It is truly helpful to actually know, or at least to have a clear vision of what you might find in your way. Knowing the professional routine and understanding the real advantages and struggles of a career makes it much more realistic.

Other than that, some people do state that financial stability is one of the most important aspects to be considered, as we are still living in a world where this is actually something essential. But the truth is that there aren’t any magic courses, and none of them will be a guarantee to a financial wealthy life in the future. The fact is that this important factor will come once you are really good in your future profession, and let’s face it… The best way to be good at something is to actually love what you will wake up to do everyday for many years of your life.

So here is my truly sincere suggestion: don’t panic! Use your anxiety in your favour, and instead of feeding your doubts and negative thoughts, start trying to know some people who work in your field of interest, or even more advanced students, and you will definitively see that many people already had the same struggles that you might be having right now. Share your fears and let them disappear!

This story was originally published on Massey Vibes and is republished with permission.

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Brazilian PhD Student

Roosevelt is completing his PhD in Psychology at Massey University. Originally from a small Brazilian town, Serra Branca, he chose to study in New Zealand to have a "spectacular cultural exchanging experience".