20 July 2017

How to Deal with Homesickness | Study With New Zealand

ENZ Kiwi Ambassadors

Students share their top tips on dealing with homesickness from their first experiences while studying in New Zealand.

Don’t isolate yourself

I would say the number one tip when dealing with homesickness is to not isolate yourself. When you are homesick, you often start to feel lonely as well. Isolating yourself will only worsen the loneliness you are experiencing.

I would recommend going out and surrounding yourself with people. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to hang out with people but going to a public park or coffee shop surrounded by other people will help ease feelings of loneliness.

I also FaceTimed my parents once a week and that really helped me feel less homesick and gave me something to look forward to.

Liz Stein is a US study abroad student studying speech therapy at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch

Immerse yourself in your community

If you experience a bit of homesickness while traveling abroad, don’t fret. In fact, I found that one of the most valuable takeaways from my time abroad was gaining a newfound appreciation for my home.

Simultaneously, I had a phenomenal semester. In order to have a phenomenal semester, and to help with homesickness, I suggest you completely immerse yourself in your new community. 

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