10 December 2018

My Travel and Study Abroad Dream | Study With New Zealand

Cenoy Varghese
Indian diploma student

Little did I know that making the decision to travel abroad to study would take so much time and effort.

Travelling abroad and exploring a new culture, lifestyle and a country has always been my dream. It all started during my undergraduate studies in India in 2013 when I decided to pursue my dream to study abroad. It was not as easy as I first thought it would be – it was a huge step. There were many hurdles that I had to overcome in pursuit of my dream. But as I’ve always told myself – live life like it’s your last day!

I had to start my research from the scratch. What did I want to do with my life? Would I be able to handle the culture shock? If so, then, which country? My google research suggested this beautiful little country named New Zealand. New Zealand is also known as Aotearoa - the land of the long white cloud, and since the day that I landed in Wellington, New Zealand, it has taken my breath away. The country is full of the most stunning views and the most amazing people.

Following are a couple of useful tips that I wanted to share from my journey in coming to New Zealand.

1. Research and gather as much information as possible

The first tip I would give is to carry out as much research as possible yourself. Gather information from every source you can find. It's a big leap in your life and you have to be cautious. Fortunately, New Zealand is a very calm yet vibrant country and I'm in love with every bit of it. Be satisfied that you’ve gathered as much information as you can before you make your decision.

2. Find out how to enter the country

Once you are happy with the choice you’ve made, then comes the second step to find out how you can enter the country. There are several ways to enter New Zealand which includes as a visitor, as a student and or as a person migrating to work in New Zealand and settle down there. For myself, applying for a student visa and continuing my studies was the best option. I chose to study at Wellington Institute of Technology (Weltec).

Wellington Institute of Technology

I don't regret my decision to study at Weltec where I am studying for a graduate diploma in addiction alcohol and drug studies - Level 7. I've been lucky enough to have met some amazing tutors and friends through my studies. Gayle McGarry, our programme manager, is one of the best people I have ever met – such a sweet and welcoming lady. She really makes you feel at home in Wellington and I can guarantee that your study will fly by in a flash!

Working While Studying

Working while studying is an amazing option that I use to support myself and the expenses that I have here in Wellington. I was lucky enough to land a wonderful job as a support worker at an amazing organisation named Argo Trust. I work with a great bunch of people taking care of six adults with intellectual disabilities.

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Cenoy Varghese
Indian diploma student

Cenoy Varghese is a 24 year old student from India currently studying at Wellington Institute of Technology (Weltec) for a graduate diploma in addiction alcohol and drug studies - Level 7. He is also a support worker for adults with intellectual disabilities.