1 August 2018

Our 'WOW' Moments | Study With New Zealand

ENZ Kiwi Ambassadors

Students share the most memorable moments they experienced while studying in New Zealand.


My most memorable moments from studying in New Zealand would absolutely be all of the travelling I did. The beauty the country holds is unreal from the mountains to the oceans and all the land in between. I would highly recommend traveling to different parts of the country whenever you get the chance to.

Liz Stein is a US study abroad student studying speech therapy at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch

Mountain hike

One weekend, a few friends and I drove out to Mount Aspiring National Park. We hiked up to Brewster Hut (the Department of Conservation is awesome, and their huts are great, definitely check out as many as you can).

After breaking through the bush line—and eventually reaching the seemingly tiny and insignificant red hut juxtaposing the vast mountains beyond it—I was filled with a deep sense of awe. That night we watched the sunset, looked up at the stars, played cards, and were involved in a lot of shenanigans.

It was a fairly typical weekend hike. Yet, surrounded by incredible friends from all over the world (Ireland, Mexico, NZ, USA etc.) and by such pristine wilderness, I felt full, connected, and fulfilled.

Taylor Weckstein is a US study abroad student studying psychology and neuroscience at the University of Otago in Dunedin

Student ambassador and prefect

My ‘wow’ moment was being chosen for and participating in the Education New Zealand Student Ambassador Programme – I had to make a film as part of my application. This was an amazing opportunity for me.

Also being chosen as an International Student Prefect at my high school was very special. This opportunity gave me more responsibility and allowed me to become more involved with the other students and make more friends.

Bai Yok is a Thai student at high school in Dunedin 

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