29 November 2016

Fun Things to Do In and Around Auckland | Study With New Zealand

Clayd Frances G Batocail
Filipino Diploma Student
Last updated: 10 December 2018

Believe in the power of your own feet – they will take you to places near and far.

If you’re a newbie to a place and you don’t know what to do or where to go, don’t cry, instead, “relax, stay calm and love your jandals”. That’s what I did when I first set foot here in Auckland. Of course I didn’t know where anything was becaue I was new and although the fact of not knowing and having to learn it terrified me, above all, it thrilled and excited me more.

I am here in Auckland to study, to pursue a goal much like how Armstrong pursued his voyage to the moon. The only difference is… his was to outer space while mine is on the ground. In all seriousness, all consuming studies have not stopped me from pursuing my other pursuit – WANDERLUSTING; the craving to intimately know and experience Mama Earth first hand. So, with that in mind, I want to share some of the fun things to do in and around Auckland which I’ve been lucky enough to discover while I’ve been here.

Auckland Arts Festival

Who says “experiencing” is with a price tag? See Auckland’s website for a list of free activities. Fun=free! On a Sunday when everyone is busy going out of town…be unique and go on foot around the city.

Rainbow's End

Do you miss screaming? Jump on those rides at Rainbow's End and hear your high pitched voice an octave higher.

Musick Point

There’s a hidden treasure somewhere for everyone. Musick Point is a must for those who don’t want to go far for natural beauty. It is only a kilometre away from the centre of the city.

And finally some other great spots not to missed in and around Auckland...

Shelly Beach, Coromandel

When you celebrate life, you can’t help but jump. Try flying on a jumping pillow and see those worries gone each time you raise your legs.

Waitakere, Auckland

In New Zealand they say, “Once a Westie always a Westie”! Black Sand Dunes in the Waitakere region is always an awesome experience in the West.

Mount Manganui

Camping has never been this convenient with public toilets within the block. It means that you will definitely go camping more often. But not in the winter of course!


Tried that drink? Why not try to go there as well? There’s definitely more to lemon that Paeroa can offer – you’ll never be thirsty there.

Bottle of L&P at Paeroa
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Clayd Frances G Batocail
Filipino Diploma Student

Clayd is from the Philippines and is studying for a diploma in Computing Level 7 at the New Zealand School of Education in Auckland. She calls herself “A curious lass. sometimes geeky but always cheeky!” and chose to study in New Zealand because “I heard heaps of positive feedback that this country is truly a superb place for study and fun.”