19 November 2018

Should You Use an Education Agency? | Study With New Zealand

Dan Smidt
Manager, Agents

When you’re planning to study internationally there is a lot to consider.

Whatever your priorities are, you want to be sure that the location and institution you ultimately decide to study at, is the right choice for you.

An education agency can help you learn about your options and give advice to help you choose where to study. They can also help you with study applications and visa processes.

To help you choose a reputable agency with a track record of successfully enrolling students in New Zealand education institutions, the New Zealand Government maintains an agency partnership programme called Education New Zealand Recognised Agencies.

Find a Recognised Agency in your country

Recognised Agencies have committed to following a code of conduct that puts student needs and wellbeing as the first priority. They have access to training, resources and support that help them to deliver a better service for students interested in studying in New Zealand.

Look for the Education New Zealand Recognised Agency quality mark

If you’re not sure whether you should study a master’s degree or a postgraduate diploma, or if you need advice about which subject area you should study to reach your career goals, a Recognised Agency can help.

Recognised Agencies often host information events and education fairs where you can have the opportunity to meet and talk to representatives from New Zealand education providers. If you are considering studying in New Zealand, it is a good idea to visit your local Recognised Agency or connect with them on social media early on so that you can stay informed about any relevant events.

When you’re ready to submit an application for enrolment at an education provider, or your application for a student visa with Immigration New Zealand, your Recognised Agency can help you understand the process, prepare all the right documentation, and even submit the application on your behalf.

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Dan Smidt
Manager, Agents

As Manager, Agents at Education New Zealand, Dan supports ENZ Recognised Agencies to deliver a better service for students interested in studying in New Zealand.